About Us

Susan Crawford – Director

BA, Grad Dip Teach, Dip A, M Psych (Org), M.A.P.S.

Susan has extensive experience working as a consultant with senior leaders and teams to help build vibrant and optimistic work communities. She is a warm and engaging facilitator whose exceptional interpersonal skills, authenticity and humour allow her to connect easily with diverse audiences. Curious by nature, she brings a love of learning and fun to her work, which drives her enthusiasm and fuels her personal purpose and meaning.

As the Director of Vicissitude, Susan works with executives, senior leadership teams and frontline leaders, both individually and collectively, to hone strategies and skills that are required to achieve high performance and build engaged and productive workplaces. She is an agile consultant, working across a variety of projects but has particular interests in the connection between culture and leadership, strategic wellbeing initiatives, team cohesion and the active management of conflict within teams.

Susan has coached hundreds of leaders and individuals in the context of leadership development, wellbeing and career planning and is skilled in facilitating personal insights that drive behaviour change. Additionally, Susan has coached teams, facilitated conferences and workshops and delivered planning days, learning retreats and off-sites. She is highly skilled in performance and conflict management and she has partnered with individuals and teams to help them gain insights into their differences and to optimise their effectiveness.

Susan holds a Master of Organisational Psychology from the University of New South Wales, and a Diploma of Arts from University of Sydney. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts from Griffith University and a Graduate Diploma of Teaching. She is a registered psychologist and a member of the Australian Psychological Society. As such, she brings an evidence base to all of her work, combining insights from research with practical application.

With Vicissitude, Susan specialises in helping the individuals, teams and organisations that she works with change for the better!

Major areas of focus and expertise:

  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Career transition
  • Wellbeing & resilience
  • Team development & optimisation
  • Team & individual coaching
  • Team reviews
  • Conflict management & alignment
  • Organisational culture
  • Organisational transition

Qualifications and memberships:

  • Masters of Organisational Psychology (UNSW)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Griffith University)
  • Diploma of Arts (USyd)
  • Diploma of Teaching (BCAE)
  • Member Australian Psychological Society (MAPS)
  • Member of APS Coaching Group
  • Registered Psychologist.

Susan is inspired, refreshed and restored by nature. (You may notice these colours infused in the Vicissitude branding)

Madeleine Crawford – Graduate Consultant

BSci (Psych), Grad Dip Psych (Advanced)

Madeleine has worked as a Graduate Consultant at Vicissitude for two years, where she enjoys working with both individuals and teams to bring about change for the better. Madeleine’s strong skills in analysis and her down-to-earth, problem-focused approach combined with strong interpersonal skills and humor equip her well to deal with any challenge thrown her way.

Throughout her university studies, Madeleine has acquired a range of experiences delivering high quality client-centred solutions. Among these are her time spent at Pinnacle-Group Australia, where she provided support with workshop preparation, output development, data and research analysis, and project-related administrative tasks. More recently, Madeleine has completed an internship at PsychPress, where she worked on the development of psychological diagnostic tools and conducted extensive research around best practice in HR, career counselling, and executive coaching.

Madeleine is currently completing her Master of Organisational Psychology at Deakin University, allowing her to register as a provisional psychologist. Throughout these studies she  will complete several placements and her second thesis within the field of psychology. Madeleine is particularly interested in the role of trust in team formation, the impact of organisational politics and culture on employee wellbeing, and minimising stress and burnout in the workplace. With work experience in both research settings and corporate business, Madeleine brings valuable practical and theoretical insights to her work at Vicissitude.

Associate Network

Vicissitude works in conjunction with appropriately skilled associates to provide your business solutions, where required. We have a network of skilled associates from which to draw, should your project demand a larger team.