Assessment Centres

Find the right people and retain them

Most organisations need to develop a reliable, objective method for recruitment of staff in key positions. This is particularly important when the job being filled is subject to high turnover rates or represents the core business of your organisation. One way to guarantee stability in these instances is to ensure a good fit between the organisation, job role and the person filling the position. People stay longer in jobs they like and in jobs to which they are suited.

The development of an assessment centre process allows you to efficiently, effectively and objectively evaluate each of your candidates. You can allocate less of your staffing resources to the recruitment process because we can do it for you. In the process of creating an assessment centre you can develop a fuller understanding the requirements of the job role and you are therefore able to make a better match between job requirements and the attributes of the applicants. Person-job-organisational fit can be closely assessed during this process. Many studies demonstrate the effectiveness of assessment centres in choosing the right candidates.

In an assessment centre process the following services are typically provided:

  • Job analysis to identify critical skills and competencies
  • Design of assessment centre tasks tailored to client requirements
  • Training of assessors and supply of assessor manuals
  • Design of assessment centre programs
  • Administration of assessment centre
  • Analysis and collation of assessment centre results
  • Facilitation of assessor post centre candidate reviews
  • Review of assessment centre.

Vicissitude has a wealth of experience in the tailoring of the assessment process to suit your needs. Please don’t hesitate to discuss your needs with us.