Executive Coaching

Maximise your work potential

Do you feel as though your work performance is suffering because of a lack of opportunity for reflection? In our fast-paced working environments this is a common complaint. Executive coaching is one way to incorporate regular reflection into your work practice.

Coaching is becoming increasingly utilised by managers and executives throughout Australia. Work performance is greatly enhanced by regular, ongoing reflection on and feedback in relation to key skills and behaviours. Just as a sports coach is responsible for assisting a sportsperson in skill development and enhancement, so too an executive coach assesses skill levels, provides feedback, helps set goals, increases self belief and acts as a sounding board for workplace issues and problems.

Through the development of an ongoing trust-based relationship with your coach, you can maximise your work potential.

Some of the best opportunities for personal growth and change come out of this one-on-one forum. Coaching is not just for those who feel they need to improve skills, but also for those who want to move to another level in terms of their workplace practice. It can also really assist individuals in aligning themselves with their organisation such that performance is further enhanced.

The frequency and location of meetings can be discussed and negotiated in our initial consultation. Generally, some psychometric instruments will be used to establish skills, abilities, personality and motivations as a starting point for an ongoing discussion about your work practice.