HR Planning

People are our most valuable asset

Many organisations readily espouse the value “people are our most valuable asset”, particularly in today’s competitive work force market. For the majority of these organisations, however, there can be a wide gap between the expression of this phrase as an espoused corporate value and the actual treatment people receive within their workplace. Vicissitude can significantly enhance the productivity and retention of your existing work force by reducing the gap between rhetoric and reality, as well as developing targeted recruitment strategies which will combine to enable your organisation and your people to remain competitive and grow.

Organisations often need to consider the sorts of career paths they are offering employees. Retention is, and will continue to be, the most pressing issue for organisations of all sizes. The skills shortage will become increasingly obvious in most industries as our population ages. Providing an attractive career path can provide the impetus for retention of staff at all levels of your organisation. Facilitating growth and progression is one of the key mechanisms for the retention of talent in organisations.

Additionally, consideration needs to be given to succession planning and grooming of individuals for key roles. Vicissitude can assist here by providing expert independent analysis of jobs and career paths. Following on from this, individual psychometric testing (eg. motivational, personality and skills/ability questionnaires) can be provided for developmental and/or selection purposes. Executive coaching and mentoring may also be considered appropriate for grooming individuals to fit key organisational roles. In today’s competitive workforce environment growing your own talent from within your organisation and retaining them in the process, thus fostering corporate identity and culture, is a key to growing your business.

Together we can develop a plan for the future of your organisation. We will partner with you to empower you to build the skills to attract and retain talent, manage change and remain responsive to the marketplace and its vicissitudes in an independent, progressive and continuous way.