Psychometric Assessment

People in jobs to which they are suited

Although psychometric assessment sounds somewhat daunting, it simply refers to the standardised measurement of personal characteristics such as personality, skills, motivations, and emotional or intellectual abilities. All of these offer insight into your behaviour and performance in the workplace. Each of these attributes affect the way you perform your job and as such, gaining an understanding of them offers you the possibility of improving your work and/or improving the fit between you and the job you do. By understanding these characteristics individuals and organisations can derive great benefit, primarily by having people in jobs to which they are suited.

The secret of joy in work is contained in one word – excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.  – Pearl S. Buck

The reasons for completing such forms of assessment are varied. Sometimes it may be to determine your suitability to a particular job role as is often the case in recruitment exercises. Alternately, They may be used to offer you insight into your developmental opportunities in a particular job. They may also be used to identify talent in your organisation and allow you to begin to groom this talent for future roles.

Vicissitude can provide you with guidance in the use and suitability of a number of psychometric assessment tools. Many of these products are available off the shelf, but the better ones require specialised psychological training in order to use and administer them. We will advise you as to which of these tools is most suited to your needs and budget and will deliver these assessments along with appropriate the feedback of the results.

In our experience, people in all settings enjoy the opportunity to learn more about themselves and grow markedly as a result of the information derived from these tools. The first step in good performance is self-knowledge and psychometric assessment can afford you and your organisation this. Through psychometric assessment individuals and organisations can increase and promote engagement, enjoyment and excellence.