Recruitment Exercises

Make sound, defensible employment choices

Every organisation engages in the recruitment process from time to time. We can help you with all or any part of the recruitment process. Our recruitment philosophy is based on sound, defensible principles of merit selection. Some of the recruitment activities we have performed in the past are:

  • Job analysis
  • Development of competency framework and/or selection criteria
  • Assistance with advertisement development
  • Behaviour based interview guide
  • Staff training in behaviour based interviewing
  • Interview panel attendance
  • Development of selection activities
  • Recommendation of psychometric tests
  • Compilation of psychometric reports and/or selection recommendations

The number and combinations of these processes needed in your organisation depends on a number of different factors. Some considerations may be:

  • Is the current recruitment process well developed and supported by your organisation?
  • Is your current recruitment system delivering the results you need? (i.e. the right people in the right jobs?)
  • How important is this position is in terms of your core business?
  • How often you are likely to need to recruit for this position?

High staff turnover in a particular position may indicate a poor fit between the people being selected and the job role. Vicissitude can work with you to reduce turnover.

One of the major advantages in utilising our expertise in recruiting is that our recommendations will take into account your organisational circumstances rather than offering a packaged solution for your recruitment needs.