Our Services

Vicissitude is a small, dedicated consultancy that uses a strong evidence-base to craft practical solutions for each of our clients. We believe in providing consultancy solutions that are built specifically for each client and their own specific needs and contexts.

As our name implies, we are here to partner with you through all the changes in circumstances and fortune that work and life bring. We bring a positive focus on your future and the behavioural adjustments that will position you to respond positively to change. Do you currently get the consultancy services that you need or just the services that you can get?

Vicissitude is different from other consultancies in that we offer personalised, ongoing, high-quality, flexible services with individuals, teams and organisations of all sizes. We believe you deserve more than a one-size-fits-all approach and the true advantage of working with us is that our solutions are as individual as you and your particular circumstances.

As a demonstration of our commitment to providing customer-focused service, we offer a free initial consultation to establish your needs and to discuss possible solutions. If there is something we can assist you with, we will provide you with a clear path forward to enable you to make fully informed decisions about your future.

Some of the services that we have provided in the past to help individuals and organisations change for the better…

  • Staff workshops and facilitation services
  • Leadership development programs
  • Career and transition planning
  • Organisational structure reviews
  • Executive coaching
  • Wellbeing strategy
  • Capability frameworks
  • Strategy and planning days
  • Diagnostic and psychometric assessment services
  • Focus groups and surveys