Staff Training and Facilitation

Staff training to suit your needs

With our experience in designing and delivering training we are experts in developing staff training to suit your needs. We will meet with you initially to understand your needs and the backgrounds of the participants. Your training session will be designed in close consultation with you and will take into account best practice principles of adult learning. In all instances, there will be an emphasis on maximising participant engagement with the training material through interactive, participative and reflective sessions.

Alternatively, you might need someone to facilitate a planning day or similar event. Sometimes the team leader needs to participate as a team member and having an external person to facilitate a meeting makes this possible. We will work hard to keep you on track and on time in achieving your meeting goals.

Some of the training topics we have delivered on previously have varied from assertiveness training to assessing job applicants, talent management to governance, strategy to leadership, team building to management styles. We invite you to utilise our skills and expertise for your next staff training session.

Comments from past sessions include:

“The performance management workshop changed us as an organisation- we are still using some of the terms and analogies a year on.”

“The leadership residential was a profound learning experience, we looked in the mirror at our own leadership style. Some of what we saw wasn’t pretty!”

“Since the work-life balance workshop I have changed my life. I no longer spend time doing things the hard way, nor do I waste time micro-managing my staff- I delegate. I also go to the gym instead of just meaning to.”