We work with teams to:

  • clarify purpose and align efforts and behaviours
  • optimise functioning through increasing trust
  • fast track to optimal performance
  • build skills and understanding of the team dynamic
  • map out team work plans and resourcing
  • refocus teams that have lost their way
  • actively manage conflicts and establishing positive working relationships
  • review current functioning to map out a plan for positive action
  • map key stakeholders and optimise strategies for collaboration
  • assist in recruiting, selecting and onboarding new team members to maximise fit to role and team while honouring diversity.

Team Testimonials

“Susan has worked with our team to help bring us from the brink of destruction to a positive, effective, high- performing team”

Manager, Biotech company

“Susan facilitated with sensitivity to our needs, warmth, connection and humour through our recent team meet up. We are now poised for a fantastic year ahead!”

Executive, Software and services company